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Stainless steel door holders bracket

BR = bracket right
BL = bracket left claspPackingTypeDim. in mm(LxBxH)ColorEAN code
858408884010BR294 x 210 x 85R/rvs
8715089 858405
858508884010BL294 x 210 x 85R/rvs
8715089 858504 claspPackingTypeDim. in mm(LxBxH)ColorEAN code
85940888405HBR300 x 205 x 85R/rvs
8715089 859402
85950888405HBL300 x 205 x 85R/rvs
8715089 859501

All door holders are supplied with detachable clasp for all types.

Application for Stainless steel door holders bracket

These wymefa door holders are ideal for doors that cannot be opened 190°. Many doors can only by opened 125° to 160°. A solid WYMEFA solution for holding many types of doors.

The adjacent picture offers practical help for determining the direction of rotation. If the door turns towards you and the hinges are on the left, then the door is left-handed(DIN left). If the hinges are on the right, then the door is of course right-handed(DIN right).

The door holder below is suitable for square doors (opening 90° to 110°). They are available in stainless steel in DIN left and DIN right.


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